EthiopianStory Remembering #Ethiopia’s first female head of state Empress #Zewditu (1916 - 1930) on this #InternationalWomensDay
EthiopianStory Happy Victory of #Adwa celebrations to all Ethiopians. #Ethiopia
EthiopianStory RT @crscntstrafrica: #TBT #AFRICA: Emperor of #Ethiopia Haile Selassie and daughter in law Princess Sara Gizaw during official state visit…
EthiopianStory Our flag is a symbol of our freedom, national pride and history, and it’s marked by the blood of those who died def…
EthiopianStory #HabtamuAyalew and his young family have arrived in Washington D.C. today where he will begin the life-saving treat…

Aster Aweke album - Fikir



Aster Aweke's 2006 album Fikir

Album title: Fikir
Release year: 2006


Aster Aweke album - Kabu



Aster Aweke's 1991 album Kabu

Album title: Kabu
Release year: 1991


Aster Aweke album - Hagere



Aster Aweke's 2000 album Hagere

Album title: Hagere
Release year: 2000


Aster Aweke album - Sikuar



Aster Aweke's 2001 album Sekuar

Album title: Sekuar
Release year: 2001


Aster Aweke album - Ebo



Aster Aweke's 1993 album Ebo

Album title: Ebo
Release year: 1993


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