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Saint Yared


St. Yared

Born on 25 April 505 AD, St.Yared was the author of many religious songs devoted to various occasions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  St. Yared was the creator of hymn, a type of religious song specifically written for the purpose of praise and prayer in the ancient Ethiopian language of Geez.  He was the first to introduce poetry and the first to write musical notes and to use musical instruments to supplement his hymns. His musical compositions are a testament to his talent as an unparalleled composer, writer and poet.


He divided his hymns into four parts, each with its own melody. He named the great book comprising these church hymns Degua. The book is also called Mahlete Yared, meaning treasury of hymns or songs of Yared.


All the hymns composed by St.Yared continue to be sung in churches across Ethiopia, giving the country’s church rituals their distinctive character.


In traditional Ethiopia, church clerics have the responsibility to prepare kids for primary education by teaching them how to read and write and also about ethics and etiquette – and St. Yared is single handedly credited with rolling out this form of education.


Generations of clerics have used church songs and poetry as an important and even integral part of traditional Ethiopian education and the very foundation of this form of Education was laid down by St. Yared.

St. Yared died on 20 May 571 AD at the age of 66.


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Respect, Bless Up, One Love....
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# Tekle 2016-08-01 19:18
Why you refrain from mentioning the birth place of S yared? do you think you wrote life history of Yared? you mentioned of other prominent Ethiopians where the are originated from? please try do for your mind. a History is an event and an event is the truth we need to know. Actually we know why didn't do it. It does not matter. A truth can never be buried in nor omit. Ok! you are really a savage writer. Fuck you.... Be informed that distorting Ethiopian history is already game over!
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