EthiopianStory Remembering #Ethiopia’s first female head of state Empress #Zewditu (1916 - 1930) on this #InternationalWomensDay
EthiopianStory Happy Victory of #Adwa celebrations to all Ethiopians. #Ethiopia
EthiopianStory RT @crscntstrafrica: #TBT #AFRICA: Emperor of #Ethiopia Haile Selassie and daughter in law Princess Sara Gizaw during official state visit…
EthiopianStory Our flag is a symbol of our freedom, national pride and history, and it’s marked by the blood of those who died def…
EthiopianStory #HabtamuAyalew and his young family have arrived in Washington D.C. today where he will begin the life-saving treat…

Frequently Asked Questions


Who runs this website?

Young and emerging media professionals with passion for everything Ethiopian have formed a volunteer-based international media organization by the name of Ethiopian Stories Media Group and the group runs this website. The Media Group and this website are founded by Australian-based Ethiopian multimedia professional Befekir Kebede who previously founded a website that promoted the Ethiopian New Millennium for eight years. This website is a successor to the Ethiopian Millennium website ( which was shut down in March 2012.


Can I join the editorial team of the website?

Anyone who wants to contribute to this website can join the team. The website requires journalists, bloggers, writers, photographers, video-graphers, programmers and designers who can make contributions on a voluntary basis.


How can I contribute?

You can write to us by using the contact us page and we will be happy to have you on board.


Do you place advertisements on this website?

It is the policy of the website for the time being that it doesn’t take advertisements and its focus should remain on producing quality content for its users. Eventually the website will form a marketing team to create viable ideas of generating income for the website so as to enable it to pay for its own operational costs. Anyone with a marketing idea for the website is encouraged to contact the team.


How is this website funded?

The operational costs of the website are fully funded by its founder and all contributors work voluntarily.


What do contributors gain out of working voluntarily?

Through their involvement with this website’s project, contributors benefit from a rare chance to network with like-minded professionals working toward a common goal. Participants will gain valuable professional development, learn a variety of skills and get to collaborate with the team working to build one of the best sources of Ethiopian news and information on the Internet.


What is the aim of the website?

The aim of the website is to present well-researched, reliable and impartial Ethiopian stories that can inform, entertain and inspire. By presenting quality information, the website will aspire to project a more positive image of Ethiopia and of Ethiopians thereby dispelling unfounded perceptions and stereotypical views. It is also the purpose of the website to build a strong global network of Ethiopian professionals in the field of journalism, literature and multimedia.


What can I find on this website?

Users who come to this website can find various types of stories designed to inform, entertain and inspire them. The stories are presented in the form of text, audio, video and photos.


Can I reuse or reproduce images from this website?

The website's contributors who prodcue content for the website are the only copyright owners of all materials that are posted on this website. Using any part of any content on this website, including photos, feature and biographical stories, videos and audios without authorisation from the website’s producers is not allowed.  Individuals and organizations may request to use the website’s materials and all requests should be submitted via the contact us page.


How can I send in a comment about this website?

To send us your comments, questions or enquiries, please visit the contact us page.


How can I report a technical problem on this website?

You can report a technical problem using the contact us page.