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Tsegaye Eshetu delights his fans in Australia


It’s been a while since an artist of great Ethiopian stature visited Australia to perform before an audience of their Ethiopian compatriots.

The last artist who actually visited was the renowned Kuku Sebsebe, who was in Melbourne only last month looking forward to entertain her fans in Australia for the very first time. That wasn’t meant to be. The plan was dropped after the tragic killing of 28 Ethiopians in Libya sent an unprecedented grief and shock to Ethiopians across the world.

Tsegaye Eshetu on stage in Melbourne AustraliaTsegaye Eshetu on stage in Melbourne Australia

Kuku will return to Australia in November this year.

But last night it was Tsegaye Eshetu who delighted his fans with his timeless, classic songs.

He pulled out songs that he recorded in the 1980s and sang them absolutely effortlessly. His performance was complemented by his voice that sounded to defy the decades that have gone since the songs were recorded first.

Tsegaye is considered a veteran artist who made some significant contributions to music in Ethiopia.

Since the 1980s, he recorded four albums and worked with various artists to produce a few collaborative albums.

In more recent times, he found a niche in the wedding songs market, with no serious competition.

Daniel Seifu and Solomon Sisay cDaniel Seifu and Solomon Sisay c

This is his second, perhaps third, return to Australia and his performance was very well received.

Revellers of all ages were seen enjoying the concert which was a wonderful collaboration between Tsegaye Eshetu and two local Ethiopian musicians with the Saxophone and the keyboard.

Daniel Seifu and Solomon Sisay combined their professional talents to create a lively band that supported Tsegaye and brought out the best in him.

No doubt that Tsegaye himself would be very pleased.

Daniel Seifu, Solomon Sisay and Tsegaye Eshetu on stageDaniel Seifu, Solomon Sisay and Tsegaye Eshetu on stage



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