EthiopianStory What you're seeing next him is a symbol of TPLF's tyranny - not our flag. But look how it's being treated. #Ethiopia
EthiopianStory Remembering #Ethiopia’s first female head of state Empress #Zewditu (1916 - 1930) on this #InternationalWomensDay
EthiopianStory Happy Victory of #Adwa celebrations to all Ethiopians. #Ethiopia
EthiopianStory RT @crscntstrafrica: #TBT #AFRICA: Emperor of #Ethiopia Haile Selassie and daughter in law Princess Sara Gizaw during official state visit…
EthiopianStory Our flag is a symbol of our freedom, national pride and history, and it’s marked by the blood of those who died def…

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The story of Prince Alemayehu of Ethiopia


Prince Alemayehu

Thewodros II was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1855-1868. His original name was Kassa Hailu and he is widely acknowledged as Ethiopia’s first modern ruler. He was a charismatic leader with a lot of courage, ambition and interest in technology.