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Australian horse named Ethiopia finished last in major race


Australian horse named Ethiopia

An Australian horse named Ethiopia was among the favourites at Australia’s major thoroughbred horse racing event today, but finished last.


Held on the first Tuesday of November since 1861, the Melbourne Cup – dubbed “the race that stops a nation” – is Australia's most prestigious horse racing event.


Twenty-four horses raced in today’s contest and number 10 was Ethiopia – a 4-year-old bay- coloured male horse from the Wyadup Valley Farm in West Australia.


It is not clear why the horse is named Ethiopia but many assume that the owner would have wanted his thoroughbred horse to race like Ethiopian athletes.


Ethiopia was one of only two Australian horses to take part in this year’s Melbourne Cup race and therefore had a large number of Aussie backers.


The event is one of the most popular spectator events in Australia with over 110,000 people attending the race.


In the Melbourne metropolitan area, the race day has been a public holiday since 1877.


The Melbourne Cup is also Australia’s most celebrated betting occasion.


Following the interesting result of the Melbourne Cup, social media users went to Facebook to share their thoughts on the race.


Just before the race got underway, Selamawit Fekadu posted: “Ethiopia is contesting the Melbourne Cup in Australia today – I mean the horse, not the country.”


Sosina Wogayehu said: “One of the horses is called Ethiopia at Melbourne Cup.”


Kat Mullen replied: “Must be a winner!”


It wasn’t.


The race of 24 horses was won by a horse named Green Moon from Ireland and despite being among the front pack during the first round of the race, Ethiopia finished in 24th place.


“How could Ethiopia finish a race last – it’s impossible,” posted Solomon Asmare.


“Ethiopia finished the Melbourne Cup last, how could this be?” said Daniel Mekonen.


The total prizemoney for the 2012 race was $6,200,000.


According to the rules of the Melbourne Cup, the first 10 past the post receive prize money, with the winner being paid $3.3 million, and tenth place $115,000.


Ethiopia has only won one race in the past and has earned more than $1.1 million in stakes from just seven starts.