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An unprecedented mourning


Australian horse named Ethiopia

Ethiopians across the world are mourning the unprecedented massacre of 28 of their countrymen inside the northern African country of Libya.


It is understood that a group of unknown barbaric killers abducted the 28 Ethiopian nationals seeking to migrate to Europe, beheading 12 of them on a Libyan beach and shooting another group of 16 in the head in a Libyan desert.


Libya is a country in anarchy after the Americans deposed the Muammar Gaddafi government in 2011. The group that carried out the gruesome killing of Ethiopians is said to have originated in Iraq following the unprovoked invasion and total destruction of the country by the Americans and their allies in 2003.


An unbearable online video was circulated on Sunday, 19 April 2015, showing the cruel beheading and shooting of the 28 Ethiopians in what could possibly be an unprecedented provocation of Ethiopia ever in the country’s history.


Here is what Al Jazeera reported:






Below is audio of Ethiopian poet Tagel Seifu’s artistic reaction to the massacre.

Name Play Length
Abebe Teka - Meche Newe

6:26 min
Befikadu Yadete - Wogene

5:44 min
Birhanu Tezera and Jacky Gosee - Wegene

5:31 min
Gossaye Tesfaye - Akeldama

3:48 min
Jacky Gosee - Alemech Alew Gone

5:36 min
Newai Debebe - Sedet Yalfal

5:40 min
Tagel Seifu - Anteneh Yemotkew

4:40 min
Teddy Afro - Helohe

3:20 min
Various Artists - Adera

4:40 min
Yegna Band - Sidet

4:42 min
Zeritu Kebede - Seyfehin Ansa

6:30 min

And here is a video of excellent analysis by the American independent media organisation, The Blaze, of the 29-minute video by the group that carried out the killings of the 28 Ethiopians. This video doesn’t show the actual killings, but focuses on how calm and “proud” the Ethiopians were as they were marching to their death.


These are quotes taken from this video that The Blaze have put together:

“These guys, they know they’re marching to their death, but they are doing it willingly and proudly.”

“They’re not begging, they’re not crying… how huge is that faith?”

“These guys literally know they’re going to see their Father in heaven in 5 minutes and they’re completely at peace with that. Not only that, but they are proud of it.”

“These guys have been tested and clearly have proven that they are giant of the faith.”

“If this video was a success for ISIS these guys would be crawling around the beach begging for mercy… they would be saying I will say whatever you want.”

“These guys are spiritual giants and ISIS put them on display for the world.”

“If you Christians, if you want to find the best way to fight ISIS, have the faith as strong as the Ethiopians and the Copts. Have that faith. Let that be your faith.”