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Aster Aweke in Australia


Aster AwekePhotography and words: Befekir Kebede | Sunday, 22 April 2012

The name Aster Aweke and the thought of her music conjure up my own images of some unforgettable moments of my life.  Often those moments are unforgettable because they were recorded in my memory with Aster’s music playing in the background as soundtracks to them.



Aster has entertained Ethiopians for more than three decades now and she is still going strong.Because of the quality of her songs and her longevity as the leading female artist in modern Ethiopia, Aster is by far the most recognised female singer Ethiopia has ever produced.  She is particularly recognised for her timeless love songs in which Aster simply shines.

I, as a keen admirer of Aster, of her music, of her ability to have been Ethiopia’s leading musical ambassador on the world stage for many years, never had an opportunity to see her in person.

But that opportunity came my way when I least expected it in my now hometown of Melbourne, Australia.  It was one week after Ethiopian Easter and Aster was on stage performing to a crowed of her admirers, most of whom seemed to be understandably excited to find themselves at the concert of such a legendary Ethiopian singer who, to them, represents a lot more than just great music.  I was caught between two important things to do: enjoy a very rare event and take photos of that event.  I was stunned by the clarity of Aster’s voice after all these years, and how her performance was remarkably energetic.  I am sure you get more out of looking at the photos than reading my remarks.  So I stop here and let you see the photos.



# Meron 2012-09-13 07:15
Nice, I love Aster.
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# Abrico 2014-12-09 22:24
Thank you Aster !
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